Eric Johnson

Dedicated to the Community

Eric Johnson

State Representative Eric Johnson has represented the people of District 100 - which encompasses the heart of Dallas, including central parts of West, South and East Dallas - since 2010. His focus has been on broadening opportunity in Dallas and the state by keeping the Texas economic engine running and empowering people to share in its prosperity. To ensure Texas will flourish for the next generations, he has worked especially on meeting the state's current and future needs for water and transportation infrastructure. To give more people a shot at real opportunity, Representative Johnson has worked to improve the public school system so that every Texan has the first tool needed to participate in today's economy: an education.

Representative Johnson's committee appointments have mirrored this focus. He has served on the House committees on Higher Education, Appropriations, Natural Resources (which governs water resources), Elections, and the special House and Senate Joint Oversight Committee on Higher Education Governance, Excellence, and Transparency.

When he is not representing the people of District 100 in Austin, Representative Johnson has been busy attending to their diverse needs at home in the community. He has worked hard to contribute to revitalization initiatives including the "Grow South" program in South Dallas and has worked to reduce crime and improve community-police relations by hosting numerous neighborhood-level crime meetings and community-policing trainings for law enforcement agencies.

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